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Precise positioning Measure positions, speeds and travel lengths reliably and precisely, quickly mounted and adjusted The positions, speeds and travel lengths of conveyor belts, film and paper webs or cardboard packaging, for example, can be recorded safely and efficiently using the measuring systems from Wachendorff Automation. With the new LMSMA2x and LMSMA3x measuring systems, we meet the highest requirements in an ideal way: constant and accurate measurement results through optimal, low-slip measurement in the most varied conditions; resolutions from 1.0 to 0.008 mm/pulse; small space requirement thanks to a compact design; long service lifetimes thanks to the high mechanical robustness of all the components; fast and flexible mounting to the machine. Wachendorff has significantly improved the adjustment possibilities of the complete systems, which are based on a spring arm with a central spring. This gives you constructive and valuable benefits: The newly developed central adjustment with its 10° locking steps enables 36 alignment positions. In combination with the elongated holes of the mounting bracket, this gives you much more room for mounting. The spring preload is adjustable in steps from 5 N to a maximum of 30 N preload. In combination with the measuring wheel, which is geared to the measuring surface, this guarantees the optimal contact pressure. When installing in the machine or making a readjustment, the preassembled systems can remain mounted during the commissioning process because the LMSMA systems from Wachendorff offer the option of fixing the spring arm in a resting position. The spring arm is then returned to the working position and continues to work at the previously set contact pressure. More information:

Exhibitor: Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG



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